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How to access internet in pc via mobile gprs without PC suite ?

How to access internet in pc via mobile gprs without PC suite. ?

According to experts, internet is only in its childhood. So if internet is able to achieve this much tremendous growth in a short span of time, then this decade will be an internet era. Technological developments are scintillating, making our work more and more easier day by day. We all depend on internet directly or indirectly. We make use of the services provided by internet in many areas of life. So many among cannot leave out of internet for a long time. We cannot miss social networks, games , chatting etc. Eventhough people are having sytem at home, many of us are hesitating to take an internet connection because of its cost. People with big pockets can only afford high speed internet.  So it is necessary to develop an idea which fixes the gap of broadband.


General Packet Radio Service


Mobile GPRS is the best choice for you. GPRS is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio Service. It is a technology which enables you to browse web in your WAP enabled handsets. This technology can be used to browse through PC too. GPRS is suited for those who are not able to afford high costs, but want to access the services of internet. Money is directly proportional to speed. The speed is also lower as the cost of the connection is lower. I am going to explain this trick here. 🙂

Things you should have

  • GPRS enabled handset.
  • Data cable or Bluetooth connection.
  • Sim card of ISP which supports GPRS.
  • PC suite of the phone manufacturer. For eg. Nokia PC Suite.
  • Internet Browser.
Data Cable

Data Cable



  • First you need to get the settings into your phone. For that contact your customer care.
  • After that activate any GPRS offer.
  • Connect your phone to PC through data cable or Bluetooth.
  • Open “Control panel”.
  • Open “Phone and Modem Options”.
  • Under the Modem tab, click “Add”.
  • Tick the box and click next.
  • For Nokia phones, choose your model from the list of models given in “Nokia”. Others choose “MTK GPRS Modem” given in “MediaTek”.
  • Select “All ports”.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Finish the installation. 🙂
  • Open “Control Panel”.
  • Open “Internet Options”.
  • Under the “General” tab, choose the homepage as “” .
  • Under “Privacy” tab, set the security as “Medium”.
  • Under “Connections” tab, click “Set Up”.
  • Click “Next” – “Connect to internet” – “Setup connection manually”
  • Now type the ISP name. eg. Aircel.
  • Type the connection number as “*99***1#” without quotes.
  • Leave the username and password field blank. Click next.
  • Tick the box and click “Finish”.
  • Open control panel.
  • Open network connections.
  • Right click your connection and click properties.
  • Under Networking tab, click settings and tick the three options there.

Now you are all done. 🙂

Now to connect to internet, Simply click Start-Connect to-Your connection. After the connection is established. Open your internet browser (normally internet explorer) and now Google will be loaded if you followed all the procedures correctly.

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How to chat in Google talk ?

How to chat in Google Talk ?

Hey friends, we all love to chat with our friends. Many of us chat in social networking websites like orkut,facebook and sites like yahoo gmail etc. For this, you should take that website. What if you don’t like to take that site always for chatting ? There comes Instant messengers like Google Talk (Gtalk),Yahoo messenger (Y messenger), Rediff Bol messenger, ICQ etc.The softwares that you use to chat with is called Instant messengers. The message is quickly sent to your friends. Many of us are unaware of this softwares. So they depend upon other sites. So I decided to write a post on that…

Gmail is becoming very popular nowadays. People prefer to have Gmail ID more than that of yahoo and rediff.

Things you will need



  • Google talk
  • Gmail id
  • Internet Connection

Yes you only require this much to chat with your dear ones. Amazing, huh ?

How to

  • First download google talk.
  • Install it.
  • Open it and , in the provided boxes type your username (gmail id) and password.
  • Then click on “Sign in”.
  • Now you will be connected to Google talk servers and now your Gmail contacts will be shown in Google talk. If a green dot is shown then, it means that your friend is “online” If a red dot is shown then your friend is ”Busy”.
  • If no contacts are shown there then click on “Show all address“ book contacts. And uncheck the tick mark  on Hide all offline friends.
  • Now click on your friends name on the list and you will see a dialog box and in that a small cursor blinking. Type something there and hit “enter”. Your message is send to your friend, wait for his/her reply and continue chatting in the same way.
  • After you have finished chatting Sign out and its done 🙂
Address book

Address book

    So easy, You are free from social networking websites and you can chat within seconds in your computer. I hope you enjoy this blog. Keep visiting for more cool posts. Please post comments.…Please give suggestions about this site there.

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