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“The aim of a joke is not degrade a human being but to remind him that he already is degraded” – George Orwell.

People like to be entertained. They enjoy laughing and appreciated a person who brings

Laugh extends life

Laugh extends life

smile to their face. They will readily accept almost everyone who make them laugh, even a shy stranger. Jokes are an icebreaker. They can introduce to a group of strangers or to boy/girl you have not previously met. They can give renew acquaintance on an upbeat note. Humour can breakdown the wall of shyness.

You wanna tell a joke? First learn the joke. Understand it. In privacy, practice by telling it aloud. Record your efforts. Listen to yourself. Practice until you’ve mastered it. But be careful to crack the joke in the appropriate occasions. Suppose, if one tells a joke on a funeral, people will laugh, but that will not be of the joke. They will laugh thinking about the foolishness of that person. 🙂

  • Know your material. Practice telling your jokes several times before telling it publically. Try it out in the shower, school bus, mirror and even while dancing. 😛
  • Is this joke right for your audience? Maybe your school buddies think your joke is good, but will your mom?
  • Be inventive. The best jokes are rich in interesting detail.

    Be creative

    Be creative

  • Original jokes are the funniest. Nothing worse than telling a joke that is embarrassing to someone.
  • The funniest jokes have a strong, unexpected conclusion. If your audience can see where you are going, you are more likely to hear a cry instead of laugh. 😛
  • Keep it short and sweet. Nothing funny about a five minute joke, unless you are a real pro. There are few people who can keep an audience’s wrapped attention for more than a minute these days.
  • Don’t use accents unless you have mastered them. Be careful.  In certain contexts, an accent in the wrong joke can be highly offensive.
  • If you don’t fully understand the joke, don’t repeat. Your audience is also less likely to understand.
  • Listen to your favorite joke tellers carefully. What element makes their joke so funny and interesting? Ask them where they get their material. After all joke telling is an art, it needs constant practice to be a good joke cracker. 🙂

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