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Downloading via Download Accelerators

Download accelerators – Today’s need.

Today our dependence on internet is so much, so that it is not possible for many of us to imagine a day without internet. Through internet we can chat, network, play games and moreover and most importantly download many things. Quite often we need to download our favorite songs, movies, videos, games and software. So it is necessary to have a tool which maximizes the speed potential of the network. Till a few years back this job was done by our browsers itself. But this was not fast enough for many of us. People in all the spheres of life often require fast downloading. Here comes the need for download accelerators. They are tools which maximize the utilization of network speed for downloading. These softwares make this possible through a number of techniques. Every time a software for downloading releases, normally it includes and innovative idea for downloading, making it possible to download files faster than the previously released ones. Thus our job is easy: to download these softwares.  🙂

Download Accelerators

Download Accelerators

What are download accelerators?

To make it simple, download accelerators are some softwares which enable you to download anything in a faster and efficient way. These are often referred as download managers. Anyway both are the same.

How to download using download accelerators?

First of all you need to have an internet connection. Fast or slow, you should have it. 🙂

Then you need to have a browser to download the files. Eg. Mozilla Firefox.

Which are the best download accelerators?

There is not one to highlight as the best one. There are a handful of download managers which are efficient, and free.

Below are some of the download accelerators with their brief description.

Internet Download Manager

This is the most famous download manager. Of course it is the fastest, according to me. It divides the file into many pieces to make the downloading faster. But it is not free though you can get a 30 day trial. If you are expert in cracking, then you can try, or otherwise you will have to buy the softwares. To download visit

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

This is a free software used for downloading. This is a strong tool for downloading everything, and more importantly it is free. Optionally you will be able to upgrade into download accelerator pro by paying the amount. This is also very fast. It is claimed that this software is able to maximize your download speed upto 400%. !!! To download visit

Download Accelerator Plus


This software is the new trendy software which won the hearts of many people. This is also superfast. Torrent files are also supported. To download visit




This is a free software which suits to almost all kind of connections. This and DAP can put in the same block, these both are of almost of the same speed. To download visit

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader

Using download accelerators

At first you open your browser and click the link which you want to download, and then wait. The download will be automatically transferred towards download accelerators. Now you only have one job left. Open the files as soon as the download finishes. 🙂


With download accelerators you can:

  • Shut down your computer after the download finishes
  • Close the download window.
  • Schedule downloads.
  • Copy and paste link address directly into your download manager.
  • Pause downloading.
  • Resume downloading.
  • Auto download on system start up.
  • Minimize to system tray.
  • Get alerts like sound and pop up window when downloading finishes.
  • Check for new updates.
  • Open the file automatically after the downloading finishes.
  • Scan the file downloaded with your antivirus.
  • Browse through the download sites.

Now enjoy. 🙂 Dont forget to comment. 🙂

How to tell a joke ?

“The aim of a joke is not degrade a human being but to remind him that he already is degraded” – George Orwell.

People like to be entertained. They enjoy laughing and appreciated a person who brings

Laugh extends life

Laugh extends life

smile to their face. They will readily accept almost everyone who make them laugh, even a shy stranger. Jokes are an icebreaker. They can introduce to a group of strangers or to boy/girl you have not previously met. They can give renew acquaintance on an upbeat note. Humour can breakdown the wall of shyness.

You wanna tell a joke? First learn the joke. Understand it. In privacy, practice by telling it aloud. Record your efforts. Listen to yourself. Practice until you’ve mastered it. But be careful to crack the joke in the appropriate occasions. Suppose, if one tells a joke on a funeral, people will laugh, but that will not be of the joke. They will laugh thinking about the foolishness of that person. 🙂

  • Know your material. Practice telling your jokes several times before telling it publically. Try it out in the shower, school bus, mirror and even while dancing. 😛
  • Is this joke right for your audience? Maybe your school buddies think your joke is good, but will your mom?
  • Be inventive. The best jokes are rich in interesting detail.

    Be creative

    Be creative

  • Original jokes are the funniest. Nothing worse than telling a joke that is embarrassing to someone.
  • The funniest jokes have a strong, unexpected conclusion. If your audience can see where you are going, you are more likely to hear a cry instead of laugh. 😛
  • Keep it short and sweet. Nothing funny about a five minute joke, unless you are a real pro. There are few people who can keep an audience’s wrapped attention for more than a minute these days.
  • Don’t use accents unless you have mastered them. Be careful.  In certain contexts, an accent in the wrong joke can be highly offensive.
  • If you don’t fully understand the joke, don’t repeat. Your audience is also less likely to understand.
  • Listen to your favorite joke tellers carefully. What element makes their joke so funny and interesting? Ask them where they get their material. After all joke telling is an art, it needs constant practice to be a good joke cracker. 🙂

Six tips for smarter studying

1. Pay attention: Good Studying starts in class

Did you know that before you even begin studying, you’ve already started? Huh? Amazing?  🙂

Here’s what I mean. When you pay attention in class and take good notes, you are starting the process of learning and studying.

Do you have trouble paying attention in class? Are you sitting next to a loud person? Is it hard to see the board?

Make sure you’re sitting in a good seat that lets you pay attention. Tell your teacher or parents about any problems that are preventing you from paying attention and taking nice notes…

2. Good notes = Easier Studying

Note sure how to take notes? Start by writing down facts that your teacher mentions or

Complete your notes in time

Complete your notes in time

writes on the board during the class period. Try your best to use good hand writing so you can read your notes later. It’s also a good idea to keep your notes, quizzes, and papers, organized by subject.

3. Plan ahead your day

Waiting until Thursday night to study for Friday’s test will make for a homework night that’s no fun! It also makes it hard to do your best. We’re all guilty of putting off things sometimes. One of the best ways to make sure that this doesn’t happen is to plan ahead.

Take a small diary and write down your things to remember and assignment due dates. You can then plan how much to do after school each day.

4. Break it up

When there’s a lot to study, it can help to break things into chunks. Don’t feel bad if you were not able to study something in the first go. Take time and analyze what to study and reach deeper into that. If this doesn’t work then leave that topic. After you’ve finished all others, take this topic and do. Now it will surely work. Also if you are not able to remember something, then don’t worry. The more days you spend reviewing something, the more likely it is to stick into your brain. There are tricks called mnemonics which will help you remember the difficult portion. When you are trying to memorize a list of things, make up a phrase that uses the first letter of each.

For example if you are trying to learn the name of eight planets and their order from the sun then try: My very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Noodles to remember Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto was excluded from this list being a dwarf planet. Maybe Pluto is crying now. 😛

Another way to break it up is to study regularly instead of just the night before. Many of us (including me :P) are waiting till the day before exam to study everything. You can always review your notes and read over the chapters you’re working on. Or, if you’re studying math or science, do some practice problems to refresh your memory.

How much studying do you do each night? Your teacher can help you figure it out. According to psychologists, the maximum time one can concentrate on one topic is 20 minutes, that too not achieved by all. So if you’ve been working for a while and find it hard to pay attention, try taking a five minutes break for some water or a walk around your house. Just fight the temptation to turn on the TV or stop working.

5. Lose the Confusion

Ask for help. You can’t study effectively if you don’t understand the material. Be sure to ask your teacher for help if you’re confused about something. Don’t feel bad to ask a doubt in the class. Because “doubts are to be cleared”.

6. Sleep Tight

So the test is tomorrow and you’ve followed you study plan – but suddenly you are

Get good sleep

Get good sleep

confused. Be sure to ask your teacher for help on something if you are confused.

Most important

Pray to God for success. Success only comes if you are blessed by God.

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